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My poor, poor LJ. I never post here and I probably should. Right now I mainly just use LJ for fanfic-reading and commenting. Too lazy to keep this updated. xD But in case other LJ users happen to stumble across my page...

I'm a sporadic, beginner-level vidder (this way to my Youtube account) and fanfic writer. I love reading/watching and commenting on other people's work as much as doing it myself, and I love discussion and meeting new people. =)

My tv fandoms (current and canceled) include:

Doctor Who
The Mentalist
Ugly Betty
The Vampire Diaries
Lie to Me
La Femme Nikita
Joan of Arcadia
Alice Syfy
The Big Bang Theory
Robin Hood BBC
Merlin BBC
Veronica Mars

Fic: The Important Half
Title: The Important Half
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Eleven/Amy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,054
Warnings: spoilers up to and including 5x04 and the 5x05 promo
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, show's not mine, all belongs to the good BBC, no suing necessary. =)
Summary: Based loosely on the preview for 5x05 Flesh and Stone. With the Doctor's help, Amy resists the Weeping Angel in her head.
Author's Notes: After I watched 5x04 I saw the preview for 5x05 and couldn't wait, so this spilled out in a burst of inspiration (while I was trying to do my biology lab report ;P). Please forgive the inaccuracies; I really don't know how the Angels work their mind-control thingy so I fudged the details there. ;) Enjoy! Oh, and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, since I haven't been writing fanfic for a year or two and I'm quite rusty.^^

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See, why is it that I find such difficulty writing in this LJ? I ramble perfectly well elsewhere, but when I glimpse that goat my mind just goes blank (no offense, Frank, really, I do like you).

Let's see...I just watched Kung Fu Dunk and Summer's Tail, two Taiwanese movies which are totally on opposite ends of the spectrum. =) Kung Fu Dunk, well, they might as well call it "Jay's Chance to Look Cool Bouncing Around the Screen and Take Money From Unsuspecting Fans For It." Yeah. The martial arts scenes (in which, naturally, glass smashes, people fly and restaurants fall but no one is actually *injured*) are fun and the theme song is catchy if weird/ridiculously egotistical (I mean, "Master Zhou?" "Wo bu mai dofu?" What's wrong with selling tofu, anyway? Jeesh.) However, that's about it. No plot...nothing much of any serious material.

Honestly, the only reason I watched it was for Chen Ru He (Baron Chen). I still can't tell if he's a great actor or not (I've only seen him in Fated to Love You, Kung Fu Dunk, and one MV, so it's hard to tell)...but aiyo he is *cute.* ^_^ I can hardly watch FTLY anymore because I know he's going to get dumped (XinYi doesn't deserve him anyway =P). And the MV he was in, Qing Hua Ci, is beautifully done but horribly depressing (see it here: Oh well. I really, really hope he gets to work with Ariel in Paper Rose!!...if SETTV will just let him go. =/

Summer's Tail, on the other hand, was great. I watched it mainly for Zhang Rui Jia aka Bryant Chang (and somewhat also for Dean Fujioka ;-), but everyone in it was excellent. It started out really slow at first, but I decided to watch at least halfway before giving up on it. And slowly but surely it started to pull me in. ^_^ The plot is really well-done (basically about four teenagers and one particular summer). The best part of the script is that it's more realistic than most of the dramas nowadays...and yet it's still interesting. Very few scripts can combine that lifelike quality with enough interest, but Summer's Tail manages very well. I'm not a huge fan of Enno's singing/songwriting style, also, but she did a good job...and I did end up mildly liking the Bryant/Enno pairing (only in the context of the movie, of course ;-). The parts that stick in my head are the ones with Bryant's and Enno's characters bickering, and the scenes with Willy, and even more so, the soccer ball scene, mostly because it was such an incredibly cold/heartless action, even if I can understand the reason behind it (I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet). Really, go watch it!

OK, enough rambling for today.^^ My posts aren't very interesting, are they?

*gingerly sweeps off layers of dust on journal*
There, that's better. And to think that I was vowing I'd update this more often. =P Typical me.

I really should have something interesting to talk about, but I'm not sure what. Let me think...
OK, how about one of my latest favorite dramas. =D (Not that anyone's reading this to care, but oh well.)

- On Air: Awesome! The behind-the-scenes feel of it is fascinating and pretty much one-of-a-kind in today's drama scene. I love how they (gently) poke fun at the Asian drama stereotypes (rich guys and Cinderallas with fatal diseases, for one^^). And although the main characters are two men and two women as usual for Korean dramas, don't expect a "lead couple" and two unrequited loves. The relationships are much more complicated than that...and so are the characters. Young Eun is a well-known (and well-paid) scriptwriter with a very strong, distinctive personality (also a divorcee with a young child.) She comes into contact with director Lee Kyung Min, who wants to work with her but offends her quickly when he suggests that her scripts have no depth (a la those rich men and tragic Cinderellas). Young Eun won't cooperate for a long while, for she has a very strong stubborn streak. Gradually, however, the two warm up to each other, as they go through more troubles for the sake of their new drama "Ticket to the Moon."

Which will star Oh Seung Ah. Seung Ah is a famed actress brimming with pride, which sometimes (no, often) gets frustrating because it makes her so incredibly stubborn and arrogant. In fact, Young Eun holds a strong dislike for the actress because she rudely rejected Young Eun's script a few years before. It's clear, however, that she had a reason for becoming so contrary, after spending five years under the thumb of a dictatorial and money-centered management company. Once the contract expires, she goes to Ki Joon, a manager who is struggling after bankruptcy and who happened to have assisted her when he was famous and she was just a teenage celebrity wannabe. Ki Joon also happens to be an old friend of Young Eun. Contracts, conditions, and contradictions ensue with all four of the characters.^^ Plus many twists.

Everyone is linked in some way. In it! I can't get anywhere near describing everything.


By the way, my laptop crashed a few days ago. Joy. That would be the second computer I have wrecked within a year. *sigh* I have the technology-corruptive version of the Midas touch.

(And here's my Youtube account, with the videos I managed to make before it kicked the bucket. ;-P Whee.)

Upon pondering...

After receiving inspiration from the pens (er...keyboards?) of those far more intelligent than I (especially

calledinvain, who doesn't even know who I am lol) I've finally gotten around to picking up the frayed threads of my LiveJournal life. For now, at least...not that anyone is reading this. So it doesn't matter.


Following the lead of aforesaid inspirations, I think I'll go on and ramble about a few Asian dramas I'm watching. (Asian drama, btw, is awesome and easily beats out most Western entertainment in a snap). I have a bad habit of watching multiple ones at the same time, so that whenever I get bored with one I can just switch over.


Devil Beside You -
 on hold near episode 7. Those two were just starting to get on my nerves.

Love Contract - stuck near episodes 17/18. Amazing chemistry, great acting....but it's so difficult to stay awake when it starts draaagging. =/

Corner With Love - stuck near episode 7... SUBlimes is (reasonably) delaying release of newly subbed eps because of rude comments. Excuse me, complainers, but fansubbers are doing *you* a favor! They sometimes move at a slower pace because they want to sub accurately and clearly for non-Mandarin-speaking fans. Aiyo.

Magicians of Love - in progress. Sometimes funny, perpetually cheesy. offense to fans. Cheesiness is one of the marks of a drama.

A Game About Love - waiting for subs on episode 13 or 14 (err...forget which). Qiao En acts very well; Sam Wang and Michael Zhang act relatively well. Plot? Not particularly good, not particularly bad. Chemistry? Somewhat...half there.  

Tokyo Juliet - Not one of Ariel's better dramas. Definitely not. And it was Chun's first, so obviously he wasn't at his best, either.  Ariel's acting was good, and Chun's acting wasn't bad, but the plot was terrible!! I'm stuck near the beginning, forcing myself to continue for reference and because I'm a fan of Ariel. It's a painful process. (No offense to those who like it, though. It's just my opinion. :-) )

The Rose - Paused. I'm around episode 11, and while Ella and Joe both acted very well, Jerry's boardlike mien is driving me slightly insane. No offense to fans, but at least in this drama, in the parts I've seen so far, his acting is blank, emotionless, and quite bad. The dramatic parts with him are ruined for me because I start laughing so hard at his character Jin's expressions (or lack thereof). XD Bai He's kind of getting on my nerves, too, and the only character who hasn't disturbed/annoyed me so far is Fu Rong, lol.

My Lucky Star - On hold, near episode 2/3. I'm cringing at the cheesiness to come. (Again, no offense to fans.) Not bad acting, just...the script/plot isn't working for me.

Collaboration Dramas:

Chinese Paladin - On hold. (I'm watching it because of Hu Ge, lol.)

Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang - Currently watching. I'm in the early episodes, but so far it looks pretty good!

Tian Wai Fei Xian - Special, no comment. And I don't like the voice they chose to dub over Ariel's (no offense, but you'd think glass would break at the pitch of that voice). But I love Ariel and Hu Ge's acting, interaction, and chemistry! Plot: good!


First Kiss - waiting for subs on ep 2 
Inoue Mao pulls off the ill-spoiled-brat-with-likely-good/deeper-side-to-come role really well, from what I've seen. Her slacking but caring brother is also portrayed by a pretty good actor (Ito Hideaki...haven't seen him in any other dramas, though). Mio's love interest is really nice---a shy, unconfident doctor---and I'm happy about his personality because the kind guys like him usually get prodded to the sideline. Finally, a drama where the girl doesn't run for the "bad boy"..!   XD

Hotaru no Hikari - also waiting for subs on ep 2
Hm...I'm reserving judgment on this one. I thought it might be interesting, but I have some problems with it... For one, as matters stand now, Amemiya's boss might as well be a chunk of cardboard with administrative duties and a troubled marriage, for all the character development they've given him. Assuming that will come later, Amemiya is honestly very irritating (to me, at least) near the end. Ehhh? Nani? The guy gives you a peck on the lips and you're immediately in love with him? And enough to start sobbing when you find out your friend likes him, too? Can you say "easily persuaded...?"

Hana Kimi - can't wait for episode four!! Maki, Toma, and Shun are all quite talented... The plot is funny, catchy, sad at short intervals, and in general, great! There are problems, and we don't have a lot of character development on Sano yet, but I love it! (I'd better stop before I ramble all night about it, haha.)

Gokusen - on hold. Classic, though formulaic. And it's nice to see a strong female heroine, even if she (argh) pretends to be weak when her crush the policeman is around.

Kimi wa Petto - on hold, in the middle of episode 1. Strange, this one...good to see a strong female heroine, but no person should be treated/should act as a *pet*...too weird. Lol.

OK, enough blabbering for now.

Random aside: I am so addicted to Yoplait's Creamy Latte Yogurt Whips. Yes, it sounds odd, but it tastes amazing, seriously!

(no subject)
I've nothing coherent to post right brain is revolving around the words "headache," "tired," and "sleep."  :-/  

*makes note to self, which will probably be forgotten easily, to pay more attention to the pitifully neglected LJ*

First post

I meant for my first post to consist of an intelligent-sounding, philosophical discussion.  


I'll have to settle for a small-scale rant instead, inspired by the lovely people over at Sounis (they, of course, probably have no idea who I am, since I've not yet worked up the courage to post :-/).  The topic: "happily-ever-after."

In most cases, I hate happily-ever-after endings.  They're saccharine-sweet plot devices that have been brutally overused by authors and would-be authors everywhere, allowing the writer to escape from any chance of a sequel... meanwhile, they lull the reader into unrealistic idealism.  After reading an ending like that, I, for one, am usually unreasonably depressed at the abrupt almost seems as if the author quickly scribbled a perfect future life for the main characters so that he/she could easily ditch the story.  

My dislike doesn't necessarily extend to the books or authors themselves...there are novels that I love and constantly reread which conclude with the Dreaded Phrase.  I'd be a hypocrite to do so, since I have myself *sheepishness* many times utilized the Phrase.  But I wish that loose ends could be tied up with a more original line.  Oh well. 

I think my rambling has been distorted by a serious lack of sleep...  *yawns*  ....Good night.


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